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We have been organising packaged bike holidays since 2003. In 2012 we joined Fietsvakantiewinkel/, who have been organising Cyclingtours since 1978. The tours, which all take place within Belgium, include hotel accommodation and luggage transport. Our company prides itself in flexibility, efficiency and customer service. This results in direct and fast answers to all your questions and rapid confirmation of your reservation. We strive to reply to questions and bookings within 24 hours. We almost always meet your wishes with regard to starting date, starting hotel, duration of the tour, extra or fewer overnight stays etc. We value personal and direct contact with you! Our prices are clear and transparent. The price advertised is the price you pay. We don’t charge booking, administrative or other additional fees. Our routes follow the prettiest signposted routes in Belgium. You stay the night in three and four star hotels. All our starting hotels are easy to reach by train, bus or car. You can safely park your car at the hotel for the duration of your holiday, Mostly free of charge. Our routes are round trips. This means you don’t have to take public transport back to the hotel where you started out, to pick up your car. Luggage transport is taken care of by our own employees. Your bags and suitcases will be taken to your next hotel safely and reliably before 17.00 hrs. If you break down on the road or experience other inconvenience, we are available for support 24 hours a day.


Frank Houtstra – manager

Bike holiday mania has had me in its grip since I was a
fourteen year-old,  setting off around Lake IJsselmeer on my paper round bicycle with a good friend. One of my all-time-favourite reads is a book by Wim Dussel on a group cycling the Bikecentennial '76. This was a coast-to-coast tour across the United States in the summer of 1976, in commemoration of the bicentennial of America's Declaration of Independence. After obtaining a degree to become a physical education teacher, I followed with a short course in tourism. Looking for work in 1992, an employment agency dispatched me to Fietsvakantiewinkel (Bike Holiday Shop) in the town of Woerden. The company happened to be run by Cobi and Gijsbert whom I immediately recognized as two of my hero’s in the Bikecentennial’76 book! It was destined to be. It was my first proper job and (with an interval of four years as product manager of bicycle tours at SNP) it’s still my dream job today. In 2000 I took on overall responsibility for the company. Surrounded by a fantastic and inspired team I am full of confidence for the future.


Lieke van Geelen

After obtaining a degree in tourism in 2010, I immediately found employment at Fietsvakantiewinkel (Bike Holiday Shop) in sales and marketing, working full-time. Because our team is small we all have to be able to fill in for each other.  Over time I have become proficient in all aspects of the business. The range of my duties is enormous and satisfying. I enjoy customer care as well as relations with all our associate organizations. Every morning, I go to work whistling a happy tune: I couldn’t wish for a better job. Since January 2013, I have been working for Dutch Bike Tours (partner of Fietsvakantiewinkel). When I’m not working, I’m off travelling the world – good times guaranteed. Every year I explore also an other part of Holland. It is a great place to be. To me travel means relaxation and discovery.


Elleke Haarman

 Travelling is a great passion of mine which is why I chose to  study tourism. After working at several large tour operators, I  joined the small and friendly team at Dutch Bike Tours. I like  action-packed holidays myself so this job fits me like a glove.  What I enjoy most about the work is the variety of activities  and being in touch with people from different countries.  Moreover, I like being able to contribute to carefree holidays  where people can find out how much fun it is to see Holland   




Erik Andréa

When I was an eleven year old kid my dad and I went on our bikes from Deventer to our holiday home on the 'Lemelerberg'. I was sold to cycling after that. While studying I saw a lot of the world as an amateur cyclist. After five years of working in the cruise world I saw an oppurtunity  herein I could work with my passion again: cycling! In a commited team, I try to create the prefect trips for you! I've cycled a lot in Belgium and so I've seen the most places on my bike myself so if you have any questions, do not hesitate and call or e-mail me.



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