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Belgium: A Great Place to Cycle! Why?

In Belgium, every cyclist can find what he is looking for. Artistic cities, old abbeys, wide forests, rivers, historic battlefields in the West of Flanders, famous Belgian beers and of course the food. With its variety of nature, historical cities and the great ‘knooppunten’ system, Belgium is an amazing country to discover by bike. A cycling holiday is much more than just seeing the country. Because you automatically experience a lot more when you are cycling.

Belgian Bike Tours is your specialist for active cycling holidays in Belgium. Spread over almost the entire country, we have created routes around the Belgian highlights. The routes are easy to ride because of the many signs along the way. Before you leave, you receive clear maps and a detailed route description with texts about the highlights. Of course, we transfer your luggage from hotel to hotel, so that you can enjoy your cycling holiday carefree!


Belgian Bike Tours offers you a comfortable cycle holiday:

•Accommodation incl. breakfast and/or 3-course meal in nice *** or ****  star hotels;

•Luggage transport from hotel to hotel;

•The possibility to hire bikes, trailer bikes, child seats etc..

•Saddlebags for carrying things you need on the road. (only with rental bikes);

•7 days a week “service-hotline”;


Did you know that...?

•... Belgians each drink 150 liters of beer on average per year?

•... Belgium has more castles per square meter than any other country in the world?

•... the word "spa", which refers to Wellness areas, comes from the Belgian city Spa?

•... Antwerp is the diamantcapital of the world?

•... Belgium produces more than 220.000 tons of chocolate every year?

•... Haspengouw the biggest fruit region is of West-Europe, and after South-Tirol even of Europe? 

Cycling by numbers: 

It’s really easy. The Belgians have a brilliant system for navigating the cycling path network! Main intersections in the bike track network have been assigned a number. 

You’ll find them on the map we provide you with. On your handlebars, you’ll have a holder with a list of numbers to follow for that day's route. It could read something like this: 51-02-03-04-87-86-06-07-25... Starting at intersection number 51, follow the signpost to intersection number 02. From there - you guessed it - follow the signs to intersection number 03 and so on. 

• You will follow the numbers of the junctions and cycle from junction to junction
• At every numbered intersection there’s a big sign with a map of the surroundings where you can see where you are and what options you have.
• The junctions that come together are signed with white-green signs.


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